We are a global data and analytics consultancy
Yalladata AI engine helps to increase the monetization of your existing customer base using state-of-the-art segmentation techniques
About Yalladata AI engine
We provide our clients with a clear picture of their existing customer base and a strategy to increase profit per customer.

We leverage the Yalladata AI engine as well as our extensive expertise in customer segmentation, CRM marketing, product improvement, dynamic pricing and A/B testing to drive real growth.
The problems we address
Want to have a clear picture of your customer base?
Want to increase profit per customer?
Services we provide
Customer segmentation
Clear view of the existing customer segments by spending & LTV / frequency of purchase / product usage patterns / acquisition costs / any other parameter
Customer monetization
Development of efficient target marketing campaigns / personalized products & service offerings / dynamic pricing mechanisms
Industries we know well
Retail (physical stores)
2-sided marketplaces
Services industry
How we work
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